Could Monaco-style closed-road motor racing be on its way to Essex's streets?

Could Monaco-style closed-road racing be on its way to Clacton? Credit: ITV News Anglia.

Move over Monaco, closed-road motorsport could be on its way to .... Clacton.

Tendring District Council has revealed it hopes to bring motor racing to its streets as a new law comes in on Monday.

Closed-road racing already takes place in some parts of the British Isles - like here in Guernsey. Credit: MSA.

Following campaigning from the Motor Sports Association (MSA), the Department for Transport has passed an order which would allow roads in Britain to be closed host events.

It means a Monaco-style Grand Prix could be on the cards for the UK - and smaller towns and cities could welcome a range of four-wheel races such as Formula E.

The Essex council, which covers Harwich, Frinton and Manningtree as well as Clacton, has been one of the first to throw its hat into the ring and announce it would like to get involved.

Would you like to see closed-road racing in the Tendring district? Credit: ITV News Anglia.
Formula E racing at Battersea Park. Credit: MSA.

The MSA said the closed-road races would prove a huge draw for spectators and would offer a major boost to local economies.