Anti-fracking protesters chain themselves up outside lorry depot

The protesters arrived on Tuesday morning outside Eddie Stobart in Daventry. Credit: ITV News Anglia.

Video report by ITV News Anglia's Raveena Ghattaura

Anti-fracking protesters chained themselves up outside a lorry depot in Northamptonshire this morning demanding assurances from a haulage company before they moved on.

The group of about a dozen people arrived at the Eddie Stobart site in Daventry at about 6.45am.

They chained themselves to weights so they could not be moved.

The group claimed the haulage company was facilitating fracking around the UK by providing logistical support to companies involved.

Although there is no fracking planned for Northamptonshire, the protesters chose the Daventry site because of its central position in the country.

They were demanding written confirmation that Eddie Stobart would no longer work at fracking sites - bringing materials in for contractors.

After the company issued a statement, the campaigners agreed to move on and unchained themselves at about 11.15am.

But they did not rule out coming back.

Police on standby during the anti-fracking protest. Credit: ITV News Anglia.