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Boat owners rocked by eviction decision in Essex

  • Video report by ITV News Anglia's Hannah Pettier

For 100 years fishermen and boat owners have been using Gas House Quay in Harwich.

But in 3 weeks time, they've been told, they will have to leave. Hutchison Ports which owns the land says it's a health and safety decision.

We've been here 16 years as a formal association, we have a committee, members, we have our boats.

What Hutchison are trying to do is take away our access rights which is wholly unacceptable.

– Ian Wooding, Harwich Small Boat Owners Association

Hutchison Ports has already fenced off the quayside.

And a letter to the club leaves in no doubt their intentions - get out by midday on 12th May - anything left behind will be considered abandoned and cleared.

In a statement Hutchison Ports said:

The area has been occupied by the Small Boat Owners Association for some time but there are increasing concerns about impacts on the environment and public safety.

As land owners we have an obligation to manage the area in a safe and appropriate manner and are taking steps to do that.

– Hutchison Ports - Harwich International