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Party leaders Jeremy Corbyn and Tim Farron target key seats in the region

  • Video report by ITV News Anglia's Political correspondent Emma Hutchinson

Two party leaders have been in the region, hoping to win back key seats ahead of the General Election in June.

The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was in Harlow in Essex.

He hopes his promise to build a million new homes, half of which will be council homes, can help his party win the seat from the Conservatives.

For the first time for a very long time we're getting new council housing here in Harlow and I've just been to see an elderly couple that have been rehoused in a brand new council home, giving them peace, giving them security, giving them decent housing.

We want that for everybody in this country. A Labour government won't stand by and watch the housing crisis get worse.

– Jeremy Corbyn, Opposition leader
Tim Farron and former Lib Dem Cambridge MP Julian Huppert Credit: ITV News Anglia

Meanwhile, the Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron was in Cambridge - a marginal seat his party hopes to win back from Labour, after losing it in 2015.

Daniel Zeichner MP currently has a majority of 599 - Labour's smallest majority in eastern England.

Today, Mr Farron warned the city's future was being put at risk by Brexit.

Cambridge voted 74% Remain in the EU referendum.

"I think Brexit and the harshness of the version of Brexit the Conservatives have chosen and that the Labour party backed, will have the biggest impact. The impact on jobs here, upon the Universities here, and indeed on the EU Nationals for whom this is an important centre.

So yes, this is going to be a really key constituency for us, but across the country the Liberal Democrats, now being the only party offering a serious and clear alternative to a Conservative government that now assumes they have got this in the bag."

– Tim Farron, Liberal Democrat leader

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