Parents speak out after being accused of abusing their baby girl

Parents who were separated from their baby girl after being falsely accused of abusing her are speaking out to raise awareness of the condition that led to her being taken away.

Craig Stillwell and Carla Andrews were distraught when their five-month-old daughter Effie suffered a seizure and was taken to hospital - but that was just the start of their ordeal.

After finding a bleed on the brain, the hospital suspected she had been the victim of domestic abuse and called the police. When they arrived they arrested them and Effie was taken into foster care.

Experts later discovered Effie has Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, causing her arteries to rupture.

The council withdrew an application to take Effie into care. Credit: ITV Anglia.

The council withdrew an application to take Effie into care and following a hearing into the case, Carla and Craig asked for the court judgement to be made public, so more people would be aware of the syndrome.