Clive Lewis: Public should get final Brexit say if they want it

Clive Lewis MP. Credit: ITV News Anglia.

A Norwich MP is risking the wrath of his party leader once again after calling for a referendum on the final Brexit offer - if the public wants it.

Clive Lewis quit his role as shadow business secretary earlier this year after deciding to defy Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and vote against the bill to trigger Article 50.

But now he has gone a step further.

Speaking to the Guardian, he and fellow former shadow cabinet member Rachael Maskell said Labour's decision to rule out a re-run of last June's in/out referendum on EU membership was correct.

But they believe British people should get a chance to "seal the deal" if they want it.

The pair, seen as allies of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, did not say what would happen if voters rejected the final agreement made with Brussels.

Mr Lewis said he understood why Labour could not commit to a referendum at the moment but insisted, if there was a groundswell of public opinion in favour of the British people getting the, they should listen.

Conservative MPs said their comments were a sign of "pure chaos" in the Labour party.