An artist's scroll depicting every building in the Suffolk village of Walberswick gets rare public outing

Walberswick quayside has changed since the 1953 flood. Credit: ITV Anglia

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A rarely seen work of art, known as the Walberswick scroll, has been given a public outing in the Suffolk village. Painted by the little known painter, John Doman Turner, between 1931 and 1932 it depicts every single building in the village and many of the locals too.

Turner was profoundly deaf and was very wary of exhibiting his work. He created three other scrolls in his lifetime, including one of Southwold.

The author, Esther Freud's novel 'The Sea House' was inspired by the scroll and the artist

John Doman Turner's scroll has been packed away for another year. For more details click here