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Life sentence for prisoner who tried to kill Ian Huntley's attacker

Kevin McCarthy carried out the attack at HMP Whitemoor. Credit: Cambridgeshire Police/PA

A prisoner who slit the throat of a fellow inmate who himself had previously attempted to murder Soham killer Ian Huntley has been given a further life sentence.

49-year-old Kevin McCarthy admitted trying to kill 41-year-old Damien Fowkes at HMP Whitemoor in Cambridgeshire.

Fowkes was collecting his lunch when McCarthy used a makeshift weapon to cut his throat.

He was left with a permanent scar across his neck.

Following the verdict, Detective Constable Emily Clarke praised the quick-thinking of prison staff who managed to restrain McCarthy and give immediate first aid to Fowkes.

McCarthy used a razor blade attached to thick folds of paper to slit Fowkes' throat. Credit: Cambridgeshire Police

Without the quick and professional actions of prison staff, both securing McCarthy and providing emergency first aid to Mr Fowkes, this incident could have proven fatal.

While the victim has physically recovered from his injuries, he is still suffering psychologically and has been left with a permanent scar.

– Detective Constable Emily Clarke, Cambridgeshire Police

McCarthy was already serving time for attempted murder, while Fowkes famously attacked Ian Huntley at HMP Frankland in Durham in 2010.

Fowkes slashed Huntley across the throat with a razor and was given a life sentence with a minimum term of 20 years.