Jeremy Corbyn refuses to confirm whether he'd take responsibility for a Labour defeat

The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has told ITV News Anglia he will take "full responsibility" if his party wins the upcoming General Election, but stopped short of saying if he would do the same if the campaign ended in defeat.

Mr Corbyn was on the charm offensive in Bedford and Peterborough on Friday where he was hoping to win over voters in marginal seats.

While he was out on the campaign trail, Mr Corbyn took the time to speak to our Political Correspondent Emma Hutchinson about how he's feeling with just a few weeks left to go.

  • Jeremy Corbyn on winning marginal seats in the East
Mr Corbyn insists he's completely focussed on winning. Credit: PA

I'm very confident. Lots of people have joined the Labour party, lots of people have given very small donations to our party in order to fund our campaign, and thousands of people are getting out on the streets supporting our campaign.

Are we going to live in a country where we do fund our health service, do fund our education, do look after our elderly and have an economy that invests for the future or are we going to go on being more and more unequal?

– Jeremy Corbyn
  • Jeremy Corbyn on doubts over his leadership
Mr Corbyn talks to our Political Correspondent Emma Hutchinson. Credit: ITV News Anglia

The policies are in the manifesto for a reason, because we as a party have put them there.

We believe passionately in them. I took part in the writing of that manifesto and I'm very proud of that manifesto. We're putting forward something credible, realistic, fully-funded that will transform the lives of so many people in our society that don't achieve what they can.

I'm delighted and proud to lead this party and we're totally focussed on winning on June 8th. I'll take responsibility for winning.

– Jeremy Corbyn
  • Jeremy Corbyn on Brexit
Mr Corbyn spoke at Peterborough United's ABAX Stadium. Credit: PA

We accept the result of the referendum, we are leaving the European Union and it's now a case of our relationship with the European Union in the future.

We need to protect EU nationals that are living here now and also I've written to all socialist parties across Europe to ensure that British nationals living in their countries can also remain living there.

– Jeremy Corbyn
  • Jeremy Corbyn on immigration
Labour supporters were out in force in Peterborough. Credit: PA

We'll have to see what happens after we leave the European Union, but essentially the principles of freedom of movement clearly end when you're not within the European Union.

We have to recognise that people who migrate to this country make a massive contribution to our health service and our education system, and communities that have had great changes deserve support so we'll bring back the Migrant Impact Fund.

It's about supporting communities and ensuring that the economic needs of our society are also met because we have a legacy of under-investment of skills and training.

– Jeremy Corbyn

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