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Paul Nuttall: UKIP leader calls off Clacton visit after battle bus is damaged

Paul Nuttall was due to visit Clacton today. Credit: Isabel Infantes/EMPICS Entertainment

The UKIP leader Paul Nuttall had to call off a day of campaigning in Clacton after the party's battle bus was damaged.

Mr Nuttall had planned to visit the town to offer his support to local candidate Paul Oakley who is hoping to win the seat in the upcoming General Election.

However, he was forced to postpone the visit when he discovered that the party's purple bus was clipped by a lorry in a coach park overnight - taking a wing mirror off in the process.

It meant that the bus had to be taken in for repairs instead of hitting the campaign trail, although it should be back in action over the weekend.

Paul Nuttall was involved in last night's ITV debate. Credit: PA

A lorry drove a bit too close on its way out early this morning or late last night and just knocked the wing mirror off.

It's one of those rogue accidents you can't do anything about.

There is nothing to suggest the wing mirror was knocked off on purpose.

– UKIP spokesperson

Mr Nuttall was involved in the ITV leaders' debate last night, where he was widely mocked for twice calling Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood 'Natalie' during the live show.

Other candidates standing for election in Clacton: David Grace (Lib Dem), Chris Southall (Green), Robin Tilbrook (English Democrats) Nick Martin (Ind), Caroline Shearer (Ind), Tasha Oben (Labour) and Giles Watling (Con).

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