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Rescued seal pups released back into wild

The seals they were given around the clock care and rehabilitation Credit: RSPCA

Nine grey seals that were rescued by the RSPCA in King's Lynn have been returned to the wild.

The pups were found either sick or orphaned and were all cared for at the East Winch wildlife centre.

The seals started in the intensive care cubicles at the centre, where they are hand fed, before being moved into the large pools as they began self-feeding and gaining weight until they reached ‘release condition’.

The seals were all named after beers for identification purposes Credit: RSPCA

The six males and three females, all named after beers, were rescued from various sites along the East Coast earlier this year seriously underweight, or suffering from wounds or lungworm.

We are so happy to see these gorgeous creatures returning to the wild after having such difficult starts in life.

We always release seals into the River Nene at Sutton Bridge in Lincolnshire on a receding tide. This takes them out to the exposed sandbanks in the Wash where there are other wild seals.

– Alison Charles, Manager of the RSPCA’s East Winch Wildlife Centre