See ITV Anglia reporter, Kate Prout's Bank Holiday report here

Businesses and tourist attractions across our region declared the hot and sunny bank holiday a huge success with visitors spending hundreds of thousands of pounds. The weather made a big difference although Monday's mist and chilly temperatures didn't stop the crowds flocking to our beaches.

As is often the way during holiday time, there were a number of incidents at the coast that involved the emergency services. Five people were rescued from reefs off Sea Palling in Norfolk when they got cut off from the tide. Coastguards were also called to a woman who fell from the sea wall at California. She has serious head injuries.

"Signs are everywhere along the beach, be wary. There are lifebelts all along the beach here. It's common sense really but something like a rip tide you just don't know they're there so it can be dangerous. If you see someone in danger, call 999"

Paul Garrod, Caister Lifeboat

Businesses are expecting the brisk trade to continue through half term and the sun is due to make more appearances.