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Academic says election could spell end of the road for UKIP

A political researcher from the University of East Anglia this election could spell the end of UKIP as a political force.

The party, which led the charge to leave the EU, was all but wiped out in last month's local elections.

But Dr Chris Hanretty says the party could still have an impact on the outcome of the election as voters switch allegiances.

The nation goes to the polls next week

"I think it's really difficult for UKIP to come back because one of the things that third or fourth parties have to do is they have to build up local power bases if they want to win a seat, it's a long, long way back."

– Dr Chris Hanretty

But they could still have a say in the outcome of the election. UKIP voters are likely to skew conservative over the issue of Brexit - probably why our EU divorce is likely to be a major plank in the Tories final full week of campaigning.

Labour meanwhile are focusing on social policies. The party's policies on tuition fees, the NHS, policing and jobs will be their focus this week.

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