Emma Hutchinson blog: What does the exit poll mean for the East?

It promises to be a tense night for Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn. Credit: PA

It's fair to say that this exit poll is not what any of the main parties were expecting.

If this proves to be right as we go through the night and get the actual results in, then for Labour, who were seen as the underdogs in this campaign, it is a very good result indeed.

Labour's Clive Lewis (left) and Daniel Zeichner (right) won their seat in 2015. Credit: PA

In our region, Labour are defending just four seats - Norwich South (Clive Lewis), Cambridge (Daniel Zeichner), Luton North (Kelvin Hopkins) and Luton South (Gavin Shuker).

This exit poll would mean they would comfortably hold those and possibly make gains in marginal constituencies like Ipswich, Waveney, Thurrock, Bedford, Northampton North and Peterborough.

Norman Lamb is predicted to face a battle to hold onto his seat. Credit: PA

For Norman Lamb, defending the sole Liberal Democrat constituency in the East of England, it signals a good chance of holding onto that seat .

For UKIP though, as expected, it seems their sole seat in the UK last time round in Clacton in Essex will return to the Conservatives.