Beached willow whale is massive attraction

The willow whale is this year's public art installation at the festival Credit: Harwich Festival

You can watch Victoria Lampard's piece here.

A giant wicker whale is taking shape on the beach at Harwich.

The construction is part of the Harwich Festival which runs from June 22 until July 2.

It's the work of willow artist Deb Hart, who'll continue to build the whale throughout the festival.

Workshops are being held on Sunday 25th June and Saturday 1st July. These will involve making small stars and fish to decorate the whale; the completed whale will measure approximately 7.5m.

The Harwich Festival is a year round arts organisation whose aim is to is to encourage engagement in the Arts with activities culminating in the annual combined arts Festival. The Harwich Festival has a rich tradition for large public arts projects with past projects including the Piano on the Beach (2014) and the Panel Project (2016) whereby over 3000 children decorated brightly coloured panels that were displayed throughout the town.

The willow framework will be gradually built up throughout the festival Credit: Harwich Festival