Woman left disabled after 'mesh' treatment to cure incontinence

Lisa Woodrow says she has been left barely able to walk after her operation Credit: ITV Anglia

You can watch the story byITV Anglia's Elodie Harper here

A woman from Thetford has told ITV New Anglia that minor surgery has left her disabled. Lisa Woodrow had a mesh implant in 2012 to treat stress incontinence after childbirth.For many women the treatment has worked successfully, but when the operation goes wrong, the effects can be devastating.Now a campaign to ban the procedure, started two years ago by Cambridgeshire Times journalist Kath Sansom, is gaining worldwide attention, as Elodie Harper reports.

Lisa finds walking difficult and stairs impossible. Her condition is all the harder because it was completely avoidable.

In 2012 Lisa had a mesh fitted to treat stress incontinence caused by childbirth.

Immediately after the op, Lisa complained of pain. She was told it was scar tissue and struggled on as the pain worsened.

Journalist Kath Sansom's campaign about the dangers of mesh surgery convinced Lisa that it was causing her pain.

But she says it took months of begging before doctors referred her to a mesh specialist. They immediately removed it but not all its effects can be reversed.

Lisa has nerve damage and says her marriage broke under the strain.

Kath Sansom has campaigned tirelessly to raise awareness Credit: ITV Anglia