The new Environment Minister Michael Gove has braved the rain and visited farmers at the Royal Norfolk show.

The Conservative MP was meeting local food producers as well as taking a closer look at some of the latest technological innovations in agriculture.

It's been a rainy day at the Norfolk show! Credit: ITV News Anglia

With Brexit ahead, many people in the agricultural industry are worried for their futures.

Despite only being in the role for less than a month, Mr Gove says he will do everything he can to make sure the environment is "at the heart of policy making".

He promised to protect and support the industry until 2022.

The show is expected to attract more than 80,000 people over the next few days.

It's the largest two day agricultural show in the country and attracts visitors and exhibitors from across the UK.

But in typical British fashion, the weather hasn't turned out as hoped.

The RAF Falcons parachute team had to cancel their morning show, but will be hoping to put on an exciting display this evening.

There's plenty on show for children Credit: ITV News Anglia