Armed man tied up his children before being shot dead by police

An inquest has heard how a man shot dead by police at his home in Cambridgeshire, tied up his children and threatened to kill himself after finding out his marriage was over.

41-year-old Richard Davies died from a single wound to the chest in October 2015, at the house he shared with his wife and three children on Duck Lane in St Neots.

Davies, had fired six shots at police with a handmade gun before he died from the gunshot fired by an officer.

He and his wife had been together for about 20 years, but their relationship broke down in 2015 and they had agreed he would leave the marital home.

Assistant coroner Nicholas Moss said he also had a knife with him and had been drinking throughout the day.

He drank several cans of beer before tying up one of his children, putting duct tape over his mouth and locking him in a bedroom.

Mr Moss said."Mr Davies threatened to kill the children if they did not do what they were told, so Child A decided to allow Mr Davies to tie him up."

The children managed to make 999 calls, alert their mother and all three managed to escape by jumping from upstairs windows.

The police broke into the house and found Davies collapsed upstairs. Credit: ITV News Anglia

When officers arrived at the house, Davies fired a total of six shots using his home made gun, the inquest heard.

Mr Moss said that firearms officer I7 saw Mr Davies reappear at an upstairs window after Davies fired two shots in quick succession.

He was concerned Mr Davies was going to fire again and "he had no option but to fire". said Mr Moss .

The inquest is expected to last two-and-a-half weeks.