Nazi spy who was parachuted into Britain 'to kill Winston Churchill' gets a headstone

A 1940's Nazi spy, buried in secret by British authorities in Cambridgeshire 76 years ago, is about to get a headstone on his unmarked grave.

William Ter Braak was parachuted into Britain and began living in Cambridge, supposedly with a clear mission - to kill Winston Churchill in World War Two.

After spending several months spying for the Germans and fearing he was about to be caught, he killed himself in an air raid shelter in Cambridge park.

He was buried in secret by British authorities fearing a public scandal.

But now, after 76 years, he's about to get a headstone.

William Ter Braak real name was Engelbertus Fukken Credit: ITV News Anglia

Now parish councils have finally agreed to allow a headstone to be erected on his grave at Great Shelford cemetery, just outside of Cambridge.

But experts believe a story that he came to assassinate Winston Churchill is nonsense

Giselle Jakobs, who's grandfather was also a spy, hopes to publish a book.