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Meet Mali - the fluffy new recruit at a Bedfordshire zoo

The first of three fluffy female red pandas has arrived at a zoo in Bedfordshire.

One-year-old Mali has a few days to try out the new house at Woburn Safari Park before she is joined by Mambo next week.

Meet Mali, the newest recruit at Woburn Safari Park. Credit: Woburn Safari Park.

Red pandas are classified as endangered by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and it is thought there are just 2,500 of them left in the wild.

. Credit: Woburn Safari Park.

"We are all extremely excited to welcome Mali. She is already very confident and regularly comes outside to greet the keepers at feeding time.

"Red pandas spend most of their time off the ground so it is a good idea for visitors to look up when searching for her. Although Mali currently has a very light coloured face, this will change as the red rings in her fur get darker with age."

– Laura Ashton, senior keeper, Woburn Safari Park.
. Credit: Woburn Safari Park.

Red pandas originate from the Himalayas and are herbivores. Their diet mainly consists of bamboo (just like their much bigger namesake), berries and blossoms.

. Credit: Woburn Safari Park.