Freedom of Information request reveals Luton Airport could expand to 25 million passengers

Luton Airport could expand to 25 million passengers. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Luton Airport could expand to 25 million passengers within the next 10 years, according to newly released documents.

London Luton Airport Limited (LLAL), a subsidiary of Luton Borough Council, are thought to be keen to push on with plans to expand passenger numbers despite the UK's National Air Traffic Control Service warning that the country's skies are already overcrowded.

The campaign group 'Harpenden Sky' submitted a Freedom of Information request which suggested that the LLAL want to gradually increase the capacity of the airport to 25 million passengers over the next decade.

The news has been met with disapproval by residents living under the flight paths in Hertfordshire who believe that the extra planes would significantly increase noise pollution in the area.

However, the current planning limit stands at 18 million, and the airport insists they are fully focussed on reaching this milestone first before even thinking about increasing that number further.

"In its response to a recent Government consultation on the National Aviation Planning Strategy, London Luton Airport Ltd demonstrated the theoretical potential of growth at London Luton Airport," an airport spokesman said.

“It is the responsibility of every airport in the country to look at demand projections and how facilities and resources may potentially be optimised in line with planning policy to best serve the aviation and economic interests of the UK.”