Aileen to Winifred: Britain's winter storm names for 2017-18

The Met Office has revealed the names it will give to winter storms affecting the UK in 2017/18. Credit: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

With Hurricane Irma bearing down on the Caribbean and Florida, the Met Office has revealed the storm names for the UK's upcoming winter season.

Although the British Isles are not affected by full-scale hurricanes, there are usually Atlantic storms every winter with the potential to cause damage and disruption from strong winds or heavy rain.

Two years ago, in partnership with the meteorological service in Ireland, the Met Office decided to name big storms to help public understanding of the risks and be able to follow forecasts more closely.

The names are based on an alphabetical list which alternates from female to male. This year will start with Aileen and end with Winifred although there are usually not enough storms in a season to complete the list.

The storm names in the UK and Ireland for the winter season 2017/18. Credit: Met Office

Hurricanes, typhoons and cyclones in tropical areas of the globe have been named for many years.

Many storm names are recycled year after year but when a storm is particularly destructive its name is retired.

The 2016/17 storm season saw five storms named over a period of just over four months.

The first named storm was Storm Angus on 19 November 2016 bringing gusts of up to 84 mph across the south of England.

The strongest gusts of the season were recorded during Storm Conor and Storm Doris with 94 mph recorded at Sella Ness and Capel Curig.

Storm Ewan as the last named storm in February.

Waves along the south coast during Storm Doris in February 2017. Credit: Gareth Fuller/PA Archive

UK storm names for 2017/18