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Anglia Late Edition - September 2017

Anglia Late Edition is the regional politics programme for the East of England presented by political correspondent Emma Hutchinson.

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Anglia Late Edition debates whether Brexit means a power grab for government ministers and pressure to lift the public sector pay cap.

The programme also looks at a campaign by a Peterborough teenager to get more young people involved in politics and lowering the voting age to 16.

MPs are currently debating the EU Withdrawal Bill which will convert 45 years of European Union law into British law but there are concerns many of the decisions will be made by ministers in government rather than MPs in parliament.

The guests on Anglia Late Edition were Peter Bone MP (Con), Daniel Zeichner MP (Lab), Norman Lamb MP (Lib Dem) and Margot Parker MEP (UKIP) Credit: ITV Anglia

Emma Hutchinson was joined in the studio by four politicians from the Anglia region.

  • Peter Bone is the Conservative MP for Wellingborough and was one the leading Brexit campaigners.
  • Daniel Zeichner left his Labour frontbench position to support a pro-EU vote in the Commons and he is the MP for Cambridge.
  • Norman Lamb is a senior Liberal Democrat and represents North Norfolk. His party supported staying in the EU.
  • UKIP was formed to get Britain out and one of their MEPs is Margot Parker from Northamptonshire.

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