University of East Anglia warns Freshers of sexual harassment

It's the first time away from home for thousands of first-year students at the University of East Anglia.

Freshers' week is now in full swing and for many it's an exciting time with more freedom - but it can also be a concerning one.

It should be unforgettable - but how aware are they of the dangers around them?

According to the National Union of Students, more than two thirds of female students have experienced sexual harassment.


Female students who have experienced sexual harassment at university

The student union have put up posters around campus warning people of sexual harassment.

Their 'Never OK' campaign aims to raise awareness around the issue and let people know it is okay to say no.

The union say it's designed to educate, not intimidate Freshers.

The university is warning students that harassment can happen on campus, in bars, on public transport or online Credit: ITV News Anglia

Norfolk police will be increasing patrols around the campus this week, to meet as many students as possible, as well as offering crime prevention advice and reassurance.

Here are their top tips on staying safe at home:

  • · Lock your doors and windows

  • · Know who is coming in and out of your residence

  • · Don’t show off your goods – store expensive items in a drawer or cupboard and not in the window where it can be seen by an opportunistic thief

  • · Make a note of the IMEI number on mobile devices. This can be obtained by typing *#06# (star hash 06 hash)

  • · Activate the ‘Find my phone app”

  • · Use property registering sites and

  • · If you have a bicycle, use a "D” lock instead of a cable lock for better security.

Police will be on site to make sure newcomers to the city Credit: ITV News Anglia

Out and about:

  • · Stick to lit paths/walkways and avoid shortcuts

  • · Remember there is safety in numbers – be social and stick with your friends

Student responsibility:

  • · Excessive drinking can led to unexpected and unwanted consequences – know your limits

  • · Respect others – as students you have an obligation to respect the local community. Excessive noise, banging, littering and other anti-social behaviour can cause real tensions with local residents who have lived in the area for many years.

  • Respect the area and local residents where you live.