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The Queen's Fabergé egg and the Russian craftsman's links to Sandringham

The Queen's Basket of Flowers Fabergé Egg on show at The Sainsbury Centre in Norwich. Credit: Sainsbury Centre

A jewel-encrusted Fabergé egg belonging to the Queen is the glittering star attraction of a new exhibition at the Sainsbury Centre in Norwich.

It's one of only 43 surviving eggs commissioned by the Russian royal family which they would give each other at Easter.

It's a chance to see something priceless and very rare indeed ... along with 65 other Fabergé treasures from Sandringham.

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Carving of the craftsman Peter Carl Fabergé. Credit: The Sainsbury Centre

In 1885 Peter Carl Fabergé was appointed jeweller and goldsmith to the Russian imperial court.

The elaborate eggs that he created for the royal family , and the less expensive eggs for the general market, remain Fabergé's best-known creations.

But they made many more fabulous objects ranging from silverware, jewellery and minature objets d'art.

And the Queen has lent 65 Fabergé treasures from Sandringham made for the wife of Edward VII, Queen Alexandra of Denmark. They are replicas of real animals on the Norfolk estate made in precious materials.

Fabergé figure of King Edward VII's dog Caesar part of the Sandringham collection. Credit: The Sainsbury Centre

"The only shop that Fabergé had outside of Russia was in London and he became very close to the royal family and the single greatest commission ever, for any foreign customer was to Edward and Alexandra.

"In 1907 they made a major commission and all of that material, all of those magnificent objects went to Sandringham so there is a wonderful connection to Norfolk."

– Professor Paul Greenhalgh, Sainsbury Centre Director.