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Families waste £700 worth of food a year

Family's waste £700 worth of food a year

People in Norfolk are being asked to try and reduce the amount of food they throw away.

The council says the amount of food waste in the county each year would fill 140 Boeing 747 aeroplanes.

The UK's average family with children wastes around £700 a year buying and then throwing away good food and drink.

Norfolk County Council is launching a food waste challenge to encourage people to save money on their food bills while reducing waste.

Martin Wilby, chairman of the environment committee, said "Food waste continues to be a hot topic with 63,000 tonnes of food being wasted in Norfolk every year.

"We at Norfolk County Council are keen to support households and offer advice on how they can cut down on their own food waste.

"Almost 400 households have already joined in and signed up to Norfolk County Council's Food Waste Challenge saving pounds off their shopping bill but we're keen to get many more people involved.

"There are some really simple changes that people can make which will make a real difference to the amount of food they throw away."