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'Cancel shows or never play guitar again', Ed Sheeran told

Ed Sheeran at the Q Awards in London earlier this week - with his arm in a sling. Credit: Doug Peters/EMPICS Entertainment

Suffolk star Ed Sheeran says doctors told him to cancel shows - or risk not being able to play guitar again - after breaking both his arms.

The singer-songwriter originally hoped to battle through the pain during upcoming performances in Asia.

Sheeran crashed his bicycle as he careered down a steep hill in Suffolk.

He broke both arms and a rib - but revealed to The Jonathan Ross Show that he did not realise the severity of his injuries until the next day.

In an interview which will air on ITV this Saturday (October 21), he explained what happened.

On the red carpet at the Q Awards. Credit: Doug Peters/EMPICS Entertainment

"I was in Suffolk [going down a really steep hill]. The thing is, when it happened, I got up and was like, 'That hurt' and then cycled to the pub. Went home, went to sleep and then woke up at five o'clock in the morning in a lot of pain. And then went to the hospital."

"I don't think I'm going to cycle for a while. I've got quite a big tour next year."

– Ed Sheeran, speaking to Jonathan Ross.

After finally getting the medical help he needed, the songwriter was then faced with the prospect of cancelling some of his upcoming shows to avoid any permanent damage.

Sheeran is rarely seen on stage without his guitar. Credit: Ron Elkman/USA TODAY NETWORK

"I did try to be like 'I will'. I tried to say I'll carry on doing the shows, but they said if I put any more stress on it, I might not be able to play (guitar) again so it's good to be sensible."

"I do a one man show so me not having my arms is half of the show, so I've had to postpone a couple of shows, which sucks."

– Ed Sheeran.

Despite only injuring himself on Monday, The Castle on the Hill singer hopes to be back to full fitness within four weeks.

The bike crash is just the latest in a series of accidents for Sheeran, who admits he is "quite a clumsy guy".

He told Ross how he had needed 12 stitches in his hand in 2013 after playing drums at 4am with two beer bottles in his hand.

The singer also "put my foot in a boiling geyser in Iceland" and "had my face cut open".

The Jonathan Ross Show airs on Saturday at 10.20pm.