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'We have lift off': Science festival underway in Norwich

Children of all ages enjoyed the displays. Credit: ITV Anglia.

The week long Norwich Science Festival kicked off over the weekend.

Adults and children sampled the delights on offer at the Forum at the second day of the nine-long event.

They got a chance to make rockets and even have a go at a weather forecast.

Some took the chance to have a go at the weather forecast. Credit: ITV Anglia.

Organisers say it aims to challenge traditional stereotypes, and get more children enjoying science.

It really opens people's minds to what science actually is and that it is all around us, it's not always professors in lab coats, tinkering away behind the scenes.

– Jan Robertson, Norwich Science Festival

A lot of people seem to be frightened of physics to some extent and we want to make sure they start to enjoy it at a young age, and that also their mums and dads can come in and enjoy it as well.

– Esther Mander, Institute of Physics
A kid prepares for 'blast off'! Credit: ITV Anglia.