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Four arrested following 'reckless' motorbike ride-out from Essex to London

Officers from the Met have arrested a total of four men Credit: PA

Four people have been arrested after a group of motorcyclists riding from Essex to London caused disruption in the capital on Sunday.

The Metropolitan Police said a group travelling en masse drove "recklessly" across major roads in east London and Essex, including driving on the wrong side of the road.

They were also said to have been involved in an incident at Romford police station where a police car windscreen was smashed, and reports that riders were letting off fire extinguishers at members of the public.

Three motorbikes were recovered by the force.

Police said they used a "range of tactics", including stingers to puncture tyres, in order to make the arrests.

The arrests were:

  • 1 x disqualified driving
  • 2 x dangerous driving
  • 1 x possession of drugs
Two men were arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving Credit: PA

Superintendent Tania Coulson said: "The group of individuals who came out were intent on causing crime, and we saw the same levels of anti-social behaviour we have witnessed over the past few years.

"The policing plan, working with our colleagues in neighbouring forces, meant that the group were targeted in areas which minimised the risk to the public, and could not enter central London.

On Saturday, the Metropolitan Police warned that motorcyclists who caused chaos by taking part in so-called Halloween "ride-outs" would be dealt with "robustly".

Scotland Yard said it had launched a crackdown on the events, after responding to large groups of bikers engaging in anti-social behaviour for the last two years.

Officers deployed a range of tactics, including stingers, to make the arrests. Credit: PA