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Call to help Syrian dentist practise in the UK

A Syrian refugee who's now living in Norfolk is trying to raise funds to help convert his dentistry qualifications so he can practise in this country.

Syrian dentist Anas Shoydab who wants to practise in the UK Credit: Submitted

Anas Shoydab crossed 9 countries, mostly on foot, to escape the war-torn region and is now legally settled in Norwich with his wife and two young sons. He says he's keen to work as a dentist for the National Health Service as he is so grateful to the country which has given him a new home.

A report by ITV Anglia's Natalie Gray is below.

There is a chronic shortage of dentists in Britain but one young father is hoping to fill a gap in Norwich.

Anas Shoydab was a dentist in Damascas before fleeing the civil war in Syria. He's now crowdfunding to raise over £22,000 to convert his degree so he can work here.

"I would like to be a specialised dentist and work with (the) NHS just to give a little bit back to this local community and to the UK generally."

– Anas Shoydab, Syrian refugee and dentist.
Anas Shoydab and his family who are now settled in Norwich Credit: ITV Anglia

Anas has been living in Britain for 18 months. His wife, Razan, joined him in Norwich exactly a year ago today. As well as being mum to two young boys, Mohammed and Adam, she is also a qualified pharmacist and is keen to work to support her family too.

Anas already has a place at Queen Mary University in London to convert his degree. He just hopes he can raise the money to fund it. You can find out more about the campaign here.