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Toddler, 2, breaks free of baby gate and covers mum's house with black paint

A mother from Suffolk was left shocked after her toddler son managed to break free of his baby gate and cover their house in black paint.

Ellen Porritt, 37, had gone to answer the phone and when she returned two minutes later her two-year-old son, Zeb, had splattered paint practically everywhere.

Every section of carpet, the sofa, stairs, walls and even the family dog were covered with paint - causing thousands of pounds worth of damage.

Zeb managed to paint every section of carpet, the sofa, stairs, walls and even the family dog with the paint.
Ellen with her son Zeb.

Ellen, said: “Zeb had been poorly for a few days so I was working from home. He was happily sat on the sofa in our kitchen watching Teletubbies when I got a phone call from a client so I popped around the corner into the corridor so I could hear properly.

“My conversation only lasted a few minutes but during that time, Zeb hopped off the sofa, managed to open the baby gate and made his way upstairs to his sister’s room. He found her basket of poster paints, opened them, squirted them all over the floor and his clothes and had a little paddle.

Even Zeb's clothes were totally covered in the black paint.

"You could track his footprints out of her room, across the landing, down the stairs and into the living room - and that’s where I found him, sat on the carpet, covered in paint and cuddling our dog.

“He is an independent and adventurous child but he is not naughty. When I asked him who had made the mess he rather proudly replied ‘me!' so it was difficult to be cross with him.

“We have had professional carpet cleaners in and the paint has left a lot of marks but right now we can’t see the point of getting a new carpet when we still have potty training to get through."