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King's Lynn - a model town

And a man from King's Lynn was so impressed with the town's buildings, he spent the last 11 years making models of them. Fred Hall says each miniature takes between two and three hundred hours to complete.

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Fred Hall Credit: ITV Anglia

In all Fred reckons he's spent 7,000 hours creating the mini King's Lynn, he spent 50 years as a carpenter.

"I usually go the site and if I can take my own measurements of the ground or look at papers from the past, books and that sort of thing. And then I'll do a drawing to scale, probably 2/12ths to the foot and then get a base board and then start to assemble the models"

– Fred Hall

Using lime wood and mahogany, Fred's creations are uncannily realistic Fred has made 20 models in the last 11 years.

Bell's Cross as it was in 1711 Credit: ITV Anglia

Each one takes between 200 - 300 hours of work, although some take longer.

Many of them are housed at Marrriott's warehouse on the South Quay

"A lot of the buildings we've got here don't exist anymore so they're a wonderful record of the built heritage of the town. Some of them have actyualy changed so they're not necessarily recognisable today of what they once were. We're very lucky that he's been able to recreate these wonderful buildings and they're a wonderful resource for people wanting to learn more about the town's history"

– Rebecca Rees, Marriott's Warehouse Trust
Many of the models are on show Credit: ITV Anglia

King's Lynn was once England's most important port and a member of the Hanseatic League.

Fred still has one building to recreate, St George's Guildhall