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Trump is star of Spitting Image creator's show

A new Spitting Image puppet of US president Donald Trump has gone on show at Norwich's Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts.

Co-creator Roger Law has made the puppet for a new US version of the TV series.

The American spin-off is expected to be penned by US writers, although current plans will see it filmed in the UK, where the puppets will also be made.

Law's Trump puppet is on display as part of a retrospective of the artist's work.

He said he did not want to reboot the series in the UK but was tempted by the US approach "because of Trump".

Donald Trump with creator Roger Law Credit: ITV Anglia

"Quite what you do I'm not sure because he satirises his f****** self ... They seem to be quite serious, we've had a puppet made. I am a reformed old gentleman but I get very angry about things. "It's puppets, not people so you can get away with murder. He spends six hours a day watching television so of course he'll watch it."<

– Roger Law
The Spitting Image creators Peter Fluck and Roger Law with a puppet of Baroness Thatcher in 2000 Credit: PA

Law created Spitting Image in the 1980s alongside Peter Fluck and the show ran on ITV for 13 years, parodying figures from Margaret Thatcher to Arthur Scargill.

The exhibition will feature an array of Law's work, including some of the puppets as well as his work as a ceramic artist, which has seen him establish himself in Jingdezhen, one of China's most famous porcelain centres.

He described walking through the retrospective as "like drowning", adding: "All these images you've done in the past come back to haunt you."

Roger Law: From Satire to Ceramics will run from November 18 until April 3 2018 at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts in the University of East Anglia, Norwich.