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'War horse' artist comes out fighting after council ban his creation from roadside

The horse has appeared at a number of locations near Taverham Credit: Damian O'Connor

A man who's been displaying a large 'War Horse' sculpture on roundabouts around Norwich has been told to stop doing it for safety reasons.

Artist Damian O’Connor, from Taverham, has been told the giant horse could be a distraction for drivers.

Mr O'Connor claims the horse, which has appeared in a number of locations near the new NDR road, is no more distracting than roadside advertising.

He says it's a tribute to horses lost in wars and suggests the council are being 'jobsworths'.

The sculpture is made from steel, wood and Norfolk reeds and stands on a trailer. Credit: Damian O'Connor

As for the horse being displayed locally, around the time of Remembrance Sunday, to commemorate the millions of horses lost in wars and several other millions who played an integral part of this regions proud agriculture and transport heritage, for many centuries, a jobsworth and 'squit' kicks in with a daft email, void of any understanding or awareness of public sentiment and appreciation.

– Damian O'Connor

The council says if Mr O'Connor doesn't move the horse he could be subject to enforcement action. It also points out if a driver claimed it had caused them to crash, the artist could be sued for damages.

This is both an obstruction of the highway and could be a nuisance to other highway users. We have made you aware of this problem so that you can remove the item as soon as possible. We do understand your desire to promote this artwork, however we cannot allow this to be on highway land which is purely for the use of highway users.

– Norfolk County Council