Airlander 10: Manufacturer Hybrid Air Vehicles will continue to test aircraft

The company behind the Airlander 10, which came loose from its moorings yesterday, say it will still carry on testing the aircraft.

The worlds largest aircraft collapsed to the ground at its base in Bedfordshire for a second time, causing its hull to rip and deflate.

Manufacturer Hybrid Air Vehicles say this is to minimise any potential damage to surroundings.

It is the latest accident to befall the aircraft Credit: ITV News Anglia

A member of staff suffered minor injuries and was taken to hospital for assessment as a precaution. She has since been discharged.

Hybrid said the aircraft has now been stabilised and made completely safe to work on.

Airlander remains at the site in Cardington and engineers will now spend the next few days trying to assess is future and the extent of repairs needed to the aircraft in the next few weeks.

The vehicle is part-plane, part-airship and 92m (302ft) long Credit: ITV News Anglia

Just one week on from its maiden flight last year, the aircraft nosedived and caused substantial damage to its structure when it came loose from its moorings.

It's a huge blow for Hybrid, after the crew carried out a successful test on Friday, which they claimed would see Airlander fly "higher, faster, further and for longer than before."

HAV said a female staff member had suffered minor injuries Credit: ITV News Anglia