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Former star student jailed for suicide vest threat

Mubashir Jamil Credit: Beds Police

A former straight-A student from Luton who told an undercover police officer he was willing to blow himself up has been detained for six years.

22-year-old Mubashir Jamil was caught after messaging the officer on a mobile app. In the messages, he offered to wear a suicide vest and "press the button," as well as revealing he wanted to fight for Islamic State in Syria.

Police released pictures of the raid in which Jamil was arrested Credit: Beds Police

Jamil denied preparing acts of terror, saying he was hearing voices and wanted to go to Syria to be exorcised of the "jinns" that were plaguing him.

An Old Bailey jury deliberated for a day to find him guilty following a retrial last month.

Judge Peter Rook QC considered whether to jail Jamil or hand him a hospital order as the defendant suffers from a schizo-affective disorder.

The judge told the court he had concluded Jamil's crime was only "in part" explained by his mental health disorder and he was a "dangerous" offender

Defence barrister Naeem Mian QC said his client would prefer a jail sentence to psychiatric hospital.

Judge Rook handed Jamil a "hybrid order".

Under the order, Jamil can continue to be treated in a secure hospital until he is well enough to be transferred to prison.

He jailed Jamil for six years with a further five years on extended licence.