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Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree how beautiful all 365 of you are !

If you're looking for some inspiration on how to decorate your Christmas tree then maybe head to Stowmarket in Suffolk where there is one for every day of the year currently on display!

All 365 of them are on show as part of the town's 13th Christmas Tree Festival which is one of the biggest of its kind in the country.

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It is a festive forest, a wooded wonderland - The 13th Stowmarket Christmas Tree Festival is the biggest and brightest yet.

At the Stowmarket Christmas Tree Festival Credit: ITV Anglia

You will find most of the trees in St Peter and St Mary's Church. There is a tree made from buttons, another is a knitted nativity, even one covered in paintings from the local art club.

365 trees and every one different helping to tell the story of a Christian Christmas.

One of the Christmas trees at Stowmarket Library Credit: ITV Anglia

"So you won't find a santa in here or any of his reindeers, not because we're against that but if you want to find Santa go to his grotto. When you come to church you see Jesus in the stable in the manager."

– The Rev Michael Eden, vicar

The trees can be found at the parish church, Stowmarket Library and Abbots Hall in the Musuem of East Anglian Life as well as throughout the town centre. The festival runs until January 6.