The distressing impact of a crash caused by a drunk driver has been mocked-up by police in Norfolk to highlight the dangers of taking to the wheel while under the influence of alcohol.

Officers have staged the entire process from crash to arrest and the final court appearance to hit home the message about drink-driving.

  • Watch a video report by ITV Anglia's Natalie Gray.

It is a joint initiative by Norfolk and Suffolk police - already nearly 200 people have been arrested.

Inspector Jon Chapman, from the Roads Policing and Firearms Operations Unit, said: "It amazes me that people still choose to drink and drive. You make the decision to have that drink so you must face the consequences."

"Being stopped whilst drink driving could lead to you having to give up your licence - it's as simple as that. "I can only imagine how difficult life would be without the option to drive. "Personally, I would lose an awful lot if I had my licence taken away so I urge you, before you have that drink, to ask - Is it worth the risk?"

Inspector Jon Chapman, Norfolk Police
The whole process from crash to arrest to court conviction has been staged. Credit: ITV News Anglia

The drink-drive crashed was staged on an unopened section of the new Norwich northern bypass road using actors.

The whole process was followed including being held in custody at a local police and finishing up with an appearance before a Magistrates Court.

'Actors' were used to stage the impact of a drink-drive crash on all those involved. Credit: ITV News Anglia