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Schoolboy asks Santa not to bring him presents but to give money to charity

8-year old Luke Bedford Credit: ITV News Anglia

A Hertfordshire schoolboy is asking Santa not to bring him any presents this year but to give the money to a charity which cares for his best friend's cousin who's ill.

8 year old Luke Bedford from Knebworth wrote the note after discovering six year old Orla Hermitage who is from Stevenage has a brain tumour.

She's being treated by Keech hospice.

Luke and Orla playing together Credit: ITV News Anglia

"I feel happy that I'm going to help her, but then I feel sad because she is ill."

– Luke Bedford

"I was really touched and found it quite emotional when I read the letter, that someone who has never met Orla could be so selfless, especially a little boy, I was really touched."

– Susie Hermitage, Orla's mum

"He's been quite excited about writing his letter and he went off and sat at the kitchen table. When we were sitting down a bit later on, my other son read out the letter to us and we heard what he was asking for and was very surprised and emotional. We're so proud."

– Tanya Bedford, Luke's mum