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Norfolk Sea Life centre's most loved penguin 'Dippy' dies

ITV News Anglia filmed Dippy in November Credit: ITV News Anglia

Great Yarmouth Sea Life Centre's most famous and oldest penguin Dippy has died.

He was one of a number of Humboldt penguins to be re-homed there when a wildlife centre in the Isle of Wight closed.

Dippy the penguin had reached the age of 22. Credit: Sea Life Centre

"Dippy had been suffering for a long time with arthritis, so our penguin enclosure was the perfect new home for him because it features a gentle ramp leading into the dive pool. He also proved to be one of the tamest and most confiding of the new arrivals and as a result quickly stole the hearts of every member of staff. Some members of the team were almost inconsolable when Dippy passed away, and it hit all of us very hard.”

– Curator Chris Sturdy
Dippy the penguin Credit: Sea Life Centre

Dippy had reached the age of 22, is one of the oldest in Sea Life UK. He fell ill last week and passed away in spite of the best efforts of specialist veterinary consultants.

Dippy had lived at the Centre since 2015.