Stevenage driver Lewis Hamilton has apologised for "inappropriate" comments he made about his young nephew wearing a princess dress.

The Formula One world champion was widely criticised after he posted a video on Instagram in which he appeared to mock his nephew's choice of clothes.

Hamilton could be heard saying in the clip: "I'm so sad right now. Look at my nephew. Why are you wearing a princess dress? Boys don't wear princess dresses".

The camera then turned to show the little boy wearing a dress, while holding a toy magic wand.

The video has now been deleted.

Following a backlash from his followers on social media, Hamilton took to Twitter to say sorry.

In response to the video, founder of anti-bullying charity 'Ditch the Label' Liam Hackett tweeted that it was "disappointing to see somebody with such a huge platform use it to publicly shame and attempt to undermine a small child," while Imraan Sathar, from discrimination support charity 'Stay Brave UK', has called for Hamilton to be stripped of his MBE.