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War veteran heartbroken after his medals were stolen

Tony Finley's medals were stolen during a burglary Credit: ITV News Anglia

A war veteran from Cambridgeshire, who served in Northern Ireland, the first Gulf War and Bosnia, has spoken of his heartbreak after his military medals were taken in a burglary.

Tony Finlay's medals were stolen when thieves took the safe they were kept in.

Tony suffers from post traumatic stress disorder and anxiety from his time in the military and now doesn't want to return to his home.

Tony Finley says he is heartbroken Credit: ITV News Anglia

"They're invaluable, to an individual soldier who has got a medal, you couldn't put a price on it. Especially an operational service medal, like for instance Northern Ireland, I lost some friends out there and you can't put a value on something like that, it's a medal that reminds you of them, it keeps their memory alive and your memories alive."

– Tony Finlay
Tony during his time of service Credit: Tony Finley

When he was just 18 Tony served in Northern Ireland in the 1970s. As a member of the Royal Lancers he saw active service in the first Gulf war in the early 90s. He's seen here with the late US General Norman Schwarzkopf during that campaign.

Tony was then also part of a UN peacekeeping force during the Bosnian War, which ended in 1995.

" My whole military career, everything about it, Northern Ireland, Bosnia, the Gulf, places, things. When you leave the army you get a little red book which tells you all about your medals and they've gone."

– Tony Finley

Tony's home in Keyston on the Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire border was burgled sometime between 10pm on Saturday evening ( 6th January) and 11am the following morning.

His house was empty at the time because of renovation work being carried out and he has been staying with a friend while his home was being made more accessible because of his heart and mobility problems.