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Punk memories: Your pictures from then and now

From leather jackets to mohawks, our inbox has been flooded with memories from the 1970s and 1980s.

We've had gig photos from treasured punk venues like West Runton Pavilion and Cambridge Corn Exchange.

John Lieberman has been into punk since the age of thirteen Credit: John Lieberman.

"From the age of 13 I have been a punk rocker. Even back then I knew that once a punk always a punk. The music defined who I was and 40 years on I still go to punk gigs despite having Parkinson's disease."

– John Lieberman
David Heys, Diane Wright and Winnie Winterbourne Credit: Viewer photos

"I changed my hair colour weekly and never went out if the hair didn't stand up right. Some of the best days of my life."

– David Heys
Cieron Hall and friends at Haymarket in Norwich in 1982 and, right, on the Norfolk Broads last year. Credit: Cieron Hall.
Deborah Lees Young and Glenn Havelock in their punk days and, right, today. Credit: Deborah Lees Young.
Philip Bass and friends in full punk get-up for a trip to Great Yarmouth. Credit: Philip Bass.
Steve Docking, from North Norfolk, at The Gala in Norwich in 1980 and, right, still a punk rocker aged 56. Credit: Steve Docking.

"I went to my first punk gig at West Runton Pavilion in 1977 and haven't stopped going to gigs since. For better or worse, punk rock shaped the man l became and l hope to go on pogoing for many years to come."

– Steve Docking
Martyn Higgins and his friend Miller before a gig in 1985. Credit: Martyn Higgins.
The Gala Ballroom in Norwich in the early 1980s, which played host to bands including The Smiths. Credit: David Greenly.

"Friday night was punk night and always packed out with 500 heaving and sweating. Bow Wow Wow, Altered Images, The Higsons and The Farmers Boys. Not to mention The Smiths. John Peel was usually there. I was in my early 20s at the time so had a great time. Happy memories."

– David Greenly, former manager of The Gala Ballroom.

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