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'Til death do us part': The Crematorium that could be used for weddings

Kettering Borough Council says it has had enquiries from people about holding weddings. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Kettering Borough Council wants to turn the town's crematorium into a venue for marriages.

Bosses say the idea has come after members of the public have asked about getting married there.

The council says the two types of service would never be held on the same day.

"Couples have come along to the council asking if they can have weddings here. It's not used at the weekend for funerals, so it's an excellent way of making use of the facilities the council has got."

– Cllr Mark Rowley, Kettering Borough Council
Kettering Crematorium Credit: ITV News Anglia

The crematorium signs would need to be removed say the council and the room layout would also be altered with the area where coffins go for cremation being cordoned off. There would be a name change as well, which has yet to be decided.

"We'll have to look at the advertising and how we present the building, we've got to change the name of this room, from chapel to some other name, but other than that a bit of work on gardens outside where they can have photographs and we're ready to go."

– Cllr Mark Rowley, Kettering Borough Council
There is enough space inside the crematorium to hold a wedding ceremony say the council Credit: ITV News Anglia

"I wouldn't fancy going to a wedding in a crematorium, it doesn't seem quite right does it?"

"I'm not really keen on that, a bit bizarre isn't it"

"A very strange thing to do, I don't think that much of it."

"I've come here for a funeral, but I think that's a very good idea with the facilities here."

– Local reaction