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First ever cloned dog expecting litter of puppies

Three years ago 'Minnie Winnie' made the headlines by becoming the first cloned British dog.

She was identical to 12-year old Winnie, belonging to Rebecca Bourne from Newmarket, who won a competition run by a laboratory in Korea.

Winnie died in an accident, but her clone 'Minnie Winnie' is now expecting a litter of puppies.

Watch a report by ITV News Anglia's Russell Hookey.

"I had them together for three years and then I had a baby, both Winnie and Minnie Winnie loved Wilbur, it was really sweet and then in May this year, Winnie got hit by a car which was the worst day of my life."

– Rebecca Bourne
Rebecca's son and Winnie Credit: Rebecca Bourne

" I do take huge comfort in the fact that she is literally a part of her and that when she does have puppies I'll have a part of her."

– Rebecca Bourne
Minnie Winnie Credit: Rebecca Bourne