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Husband says pet dog saved his family from arson attack

Joe with his pet dog Chico Credit: ITV News Anglia

A man from Hertfordshire says he and his wife could have died in an arson attack if it wasn't for the warning they got from their dog.

Joe Glavey was asleep in bed at his home in Hoddesdon when CCTV captured the attacker pouring petrol over his Mercedes at 1am.

Thanks to the dog's frantic barking, his owners woke up before the fire could spread.

CCTV pictures show the arsonist pouring petrol over the car Credit: Joe Glavey
The fire rapidly took hold. Credit: Joe Glavey

Chico is our hero. To be honest if the petrol tank had gone up on the car we might not have got out of the house. Him barking made us aware of what was going on before the blaze really took hold. You still couldn't get to the front door really, the neighbours couldn't get near it. So he woke us, we got out so even if the house had gone we'd have survived because of the dog basically.

– Joe Glavey

Joe and his family have lived in Hoddesden for over 30 years but Joe say there had never been any problems until the street lights were turned off at night.

He claims since then other cars have been torched and there's been burglaries and bin fires which is why he installed CCTV.

Firefighters tackling the blaze. Credit: Joe Glavey

It does appear since the street lights have gone out crime, as the police stated to us, is on the increase. You don't always hear about it but when something like this happens then they do come out and tell you what's gone on in the area. It does seem like crime has gone through the roof.

– Joe Glavey