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First glimpse of Royal life at Sandringham in 1912

Prince Albert posing in front of a cricket net and the Sandringham estate Credit: Forum Auctions

Personal pictures of Royal life which were taken more than 100 years ago when King George VI was a young boy on the Sandringham Estate in Norfolk, have gone up for auction.

The photographs were taken by Prince Albert's tutor Kenneth Fry around 1912, the time of Albert's confirmation.

A royal family meal around the time of Albert's confirmation in 1912 Credit: Forum Auctions

"This is a lovely little personal record of the life of the future King, providing a human glimpse into the life of the royals. It is a stunning collection of photos which we believe were mainly taken at around the time of Prince Albert's confirmation at Sandringham in 1912."

– Max Hasler, Manuscripts specialist at Forum Auctions
Three brothers joking around, George VI is at the back with Henry and George Credit: Forum Auctions
Brothers George and Henry riding together on the Sandringham estate Credit: Forum Auctions

Among the photos up for auction include a number of letters and notes in later years between Kenneth Fry and members of the Royal Family.

Albert's brother Henry, the Duke of Gloucester, wrote to Kenneth Fry thanking him for his sympathy letter after the death of his youngest brother George, the Duke of Kent in a plane crash in 1942.

Letter of sympathy from Henry to Kenneth Fry Credit: Forum Auctions

"Thank you so much for your letter of sympathy. It is indeed a terrible blow to us all."

– Prince Henry
A letter from George VI about his time at naval college Credit: Forum Auctions

"George VI's note is very interesting when he speaks of his loneliness because it shows he was just like any other boy of that age. That isolation he was experiencing was entirely typical of someone having to find their way away from home.'

– Max Hasler, Manuscripts specialist at Forum Auctions

Prince Albert ascended to the throne on December 11th 1936 after his older brother Edward VIII abdicated to marry the American Wallis Simpson.

Henry died in 1974 at the age of 74, while George was killed in an air crash in Scotland in August 1942. He was 39-years old.

The photos and letters sold at auction for £2,000.