A campaign to rebuild a railway closed nearly 50 years ago has been launched.

The King’s Lynn to Hunstanton line was closed in 1969 after opening more than one hundred years earlier in 1862.

When it was closed British Rail estimated it was losing the £40,000 – the equivalent of £500,000 in today’s money.

At the moment the group is undertaking a feasibility study. Credit: British Transport Films.

But now campaigners who've formed the King's Lynn to Hunstanton Railway Project believe there's a good economic argument for reinstating the line, are are bolstered by a project that saw the Scottish Borders Railway rebuilt.

It has been built through very difficult terrain, they‘ve had to move car parks, knock down flats, move buildings, build tunnels, build new roads, viaducts and everything else and it’s come out at about ten million a mile through very difficult terrain. So this would probably be in the area of about £150 million.

Bob Edwards, King's Lynn-Hunstanton Railway Project

The groups online petition has so far attracted more that £2,500.