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The Suffolk company turning old tyres into a burn-free alternative to astroturf

A business in Suffolk has invented an alternative to astroturf that is kinder to your skin when you fall over on it.

Murfitts Industries, who are based just outside Lakenheath, recycle the rubber from old car tyres and coat it in the material used in medical equipment.

They say it can last 12 years, but comes at quite a price tag, with one new pitch costing £750,000

It allows players to go to ground, without fearing a nasty burn. Credit: ITV Anglia.

It is being used at Shelford Rugby Club in Cambridgeshire.

It's allowed us to play rugby and to train where in previous years we just wouldn't be able to.

In past seasons we've had a month at a time when we just haven't been able to kick a rugby ball because the pitch has been in such bad condition.

This season we've hardly cancelled any training at all, so it's brought a huge amount to the club

– Dr Leslie Gelling, Club Secretary, Shelford Rugby Club