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Callous thieves steal wheels from special school's minibuses

Callous thieves have stolen the wheels from school minibuses belonging to a special school in Norwich.

The Hall School has eighty students who all used the buses. Credit: ITV Anglia.

The Hall School has eighty students all with severe learning difficulties and autistic disorders.

Ten wheels were stolen overnight on Saturday 20 January from three buses.

It had taken the school years to raise the tens of thousands of pounds needed to buy them.

The Headteacher said the sight that greeted him on Sunday morning was gut-wrenching.

My reaction when I saw the damage Sunday morning, I was gutted, incandescent, mixed emotions, a mixture of rage and frustration, and also concern for others that they might suffer this sort of incident

– Keith McKenzie, Headteacher

Blurry CCTV caught those thought to be responsible in the act. The school hopes it could help bring the thieves to justice.